- Treat other members with respect, even if you disagree. If there is conflict that needs moderator attention, please contact them accordingly.

- Do your best to be active. Characters are expected to post at least once a week.

- Use standard roleplay etiquette.

- Explicit or graphic material is not allowed on the boards or in the cbox. It is against the terms of service for both.

- Do not flood or spam the boards or the cbox. Enough said.


- In Character conflict is not Out of Character conflict. A character arguing with another doesn't mean the player behind that character is personally attacking you. That having been said, using a character with the intent of harassing or trolling another player's character isn't allowed.

- Do not assume or write the actions of another character unless given express permission by that character's player to do so.

- Do not bring information that you learned Out of Character into roleplay unless your character has also learned it In Character.

- Some players find it useful to leave an Out of Character post in threads as a placeholder for their character's incoming reply. This is fine for short term use, but it should only be used if you intend to post immediately, preferably while already in the process of writing. "Placeholder" responses that are in use longer than five hours will be removed, and all other players are free to overlook them when they exceed their time limit.


- There are some characters not allowed for play within Echoes. Currently, Aegyl, Garif, Baknamy, and Helgas characters are not playable, nor are The Occuria or the Espers.

- When making an original character, any connections to characters from the Final Fantasy canon must be approved by the moderators.

- Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) are often used to progress the story and are not to be used without permission from a moderator.

Ruleset adapted from Somnium: A Dragon Age Sandbox Roleplay.