A race motivated by trade and the promise of coin, The Revgaji hail from a land across the sea, and are not native to Ivalice. Tall and feline in appearance,
the Revgaji are intelligent, well-spoken, and ruthlessly cunning. More and more Revgaji can be found setting up shop in marketplaces and government-sponsored
establishments, and public response to this race of silver-tongued merchants is cool at best. How well the Revgaji integrate into Ivalician culture remains
to be seen.

Vital Data Typical Height: 1.8 – 2m

Typical Weight: 85-110kg
Hair Colors: Blond, black, brown, red, white
Eye Colors: Green, brown, blue
Lifespan: 200-300 Years



The Average Revgaji...Edit a Soldier, Thief, or Monk.