The Light of KilitasEdit

"Religion begun by the prophet Kiltia over two millennia ago. The religion of the Ordalian peoples is a dualistic system -- a polytheistic pantheon with a God of Light, Faram the Father, at its head. After embarking on a pilgrimage to proselytize and deliver the word of the vision he had seen to the people, Kiltia came to Mt Bur-Omisace, and from there his teachings spread. The Light of Kiltia, as his teachings were called, continued even after his death, until they covered all of Ivalice. Several years after Kiltia's founding, the Saint Ajora began a new teaching, claiming that Faram alone was the one true god, the popularity of this new sect further lessening the power of the Light."

-Sage Knowledge

The Church of GlabadosEdit

"The Saint Ajora was born centuries ago. Raised in Milados, he preached openly about the coming of Paradise and the one true God. This infuriated the Pharist priests, and the Holy Ydoran Empire hanged him as a traitor. When Mullonde, the center of Pharist teachings, then sank into the sea, Ajora's disciples began to preach of his divinity, eventually forming the Church of Glabados."

-Sage Knowledge

The Cult of MüllenkampEdit

"Five hundred years ago the city of Lea Monde in Valendia was founded under the guidance of Gran Kiltias Müllenkamp, the dancer-priestess. Foul rumors exist that cast the Gran Kiltias as a sorceress, having consorted with demons to cement her rise to power, but these are only cruel and unjust rumors and Lea Monde today prospers due in no small part to the Lady Müllenkamp's influence. The former Gran Kiltias herself is revered alongside the Father Faram in the streets of Lea Monde, the Ensanguined Rood itself the symbol of the Royal Family. Though her influence is most prevalent in Lea Monde, it is said that the rood and her followers drive every seat of power in Ivalice. Whether such a rumor is true or not, no one can say."