The 'Occuria' (オキューリア, Okyūria?) are the most powerful beings in the world of Ivalice. They are referred to, by themselves and others, as "The Undying", though their existence is unknown to Ivalice at large.

"Many thousand years ago, all-powerful beings looked down upon the land, and their rule was absolute. They commanded all things on the earth. All was done according to their will. Then one day they withdrew behind the walls of a great city of their own making, disappearing from history's stage. In the vacuum left behind, Ivalice fell into chaos, until the march towards a new age finally began."
—The Age of Gods, Sage Knowledge

Occuria are concerned with controlling the course of Ivalice's history and created the Espers as their servants. The Espers eventually came to believe they were as powerful as their creators and tried to destroy them. This revolt was lead by the Esper Ultima. The Occuria threw them down and bound them with glyphs.

The Occuria next tried to influence the Garif. They granted the Garif deifacted nethicite, which the Garif could not wield. The Occuria tried once again, successfully this time, to influence the world of Ivalice by offering the nethicite to a man who would destroy or subjugate other nations as they directed. This man was King Raithwall, who would become the Dynast King.