The Nu Mou are an enlightened people with a rich culture of oral tradition, and are alone responsible for the bulk of what is known about the
history of Ivalice. Both scholarly and secular, most are found living near places of religious importance to the Kiltia sect, where they tend to
pilgrims and those wounded by war. They are dog-like in appearance, being squat with elongated faces and tails, and have a lifespan three times longer
than humes. The Nu Mou excel in magic, since their small bodies restrict their physical abilities. As such, Nu Mou warriors are rare indeed.
Nu Mou are even-tempered, articulate speakers, and possess the capacity for great intelligence.

Height: 0.8 – 1.1m (Male/Female)
Weight: 80 – 90kg (Male/Female)
Hair Colors: White, Blond, Brown, Black
Eye Colors: Brown, Black, Red, Blue
Lifespan: 200 – 250 years



The Average Nu Mou...Edit a White Mage, Black Mage, or Beastmaster.