Moogle FFXII

Short in stature, Moogles are distinguished by their lagomorphic features, with full rabbit ears, extended pom-poms, and small wings on their backs.
They have no love for water, and will not venture in the shallowest of pools. Moogles are plentiful in number, nearly as much so as Humes, and are a common sight throughout Ivalice. Moogles are also well-respected for their propensity for technological advancement; much in the way of real scientific progress throughout Ivalice is due entirely in part to moogle ingenuity. They are often mechanists, mages, and thieves, though moogle warriors are fearsome in a way that many of their larger counterparts could never be.

Height: 0.9 – 1.2m
Weight: 24 – 30kg
Fur Colors: White, grey, brown, cream, peach, purple
Pom-Pom Colors: White, green, red, yellow, purple
Lifespan: 60 – 80 years


Moogles have an innate genius for social adapability – no matter how alien the society they find themselves in, it is only a matter of time before they learn its ins and outs, picking up all the trappings of civilization along the way. Given their primitive backgrounds, the degree to which Moogles excel in disciplines like engineering and alchemy once exposed to them is nothing short of miraculous; their latent ability in mechanics is such that other races use a special term – 'Mooglecraft' – to describe their creations. In certain regions, moogles call themselves with the pronoun "mog," but typically they end their sentences with the word "kupo." Their intelligence and lifestyles are similar to humes, which makes it easy for moogles to live amongst the hume cities. With their dexterous hands, they are knowledgeable in the field of engineering. It is said that moogles built the first airship, a masterpiece of technological advancement.

While most moogles contribute to society with their great engineering capabilities. Not all moogles become engineers; there are a few who become knights or mages. Throughout Ivalician history, moogle technology has been used in warfare by most of the races.

Moogles are very family-oriented, and it is not uncommon for a single moogle to have many brothers or sisters, or to live with their parents into old age.


Moogles have a superb aptitude for languages, and many speak Common Tongue. Their only trouble is a tendency to slip in the word ‘kupo’ in at random intervals, a linguistic quirk that even experienced speakers can't seem to shake.

The Average Moogle...Edit a Black Mage, Tinker, Flintlock or Thief.