The Kooka are a race of hume-like people with features akin to rams or goats, with horns, drooping ears, and hock-jointed legs. Usually shorter and broader than Humes on the whole, the Kooka believe that their race came to be as a result of an act of infidelity made on the part of Kheprice, wife of Faram, the creator god of the Kilita religion. As such, there exists a divide within Kooka culture: A tribal, savage sect of Kooka who worship their mother goddess and live off of the land, and a civilized, ordered sect that seeks to regain the favor of their Father. These two factions of Kooka are constantly at odds with one another, and were it not for their appearances one could swear that they were nothing alike.

Vital Data Typical Height: 1.5 – 1.7m

Typical Weight: 75 – 97kg
Hair Colors: Blonde, White, Red, Brown
Eye Colors: Blue, Gray, Green
Lifespan: 80 – 100 years



The tribal Khepricist Kooka have their own language which is ripe with dipthongs. The Faramist Kookas have long since abandoned their root language. Still, traces of the language still linger; most Kooka who speak common will do so with an accent.

Naming conventions among the Faramists and Khepricists tend to differ, as well. Faramist Kooka will have a given name before their surname, which invariably is composed of a part their father's name and the suffix -ken, meaning "Child of." For example, Wilsken, Lasken, and Ottoken are all possible Faramist Kooka surnames.

Khepricist Kooka have a given name and a descriptive, aspirational title, chosen by their parents at birth. "Loud," "White," "Fair," "Great," "Roaring," "Golden," and so on are all examples of Khepricist descriptive names.

The Average Kooka...Edit, if a Faramist, a Knight, Soldier, or White Mage., if a Khepricist, a Berserker, Ranger, or Geomancer.