Full Name: Berda

Race: Seeq

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Undecided

Residence: Rabanastre

Affiliation: Berda is FOR BERDA

Occupation: Bartender at the Sandsea

Religion: Kiltian (nominal, she's not too fussed about religion)


Class: Thief

Gear: Back in the day, Berda used to carry a dagger and a small, delicate pistol she got from her mother, but those are both securely held in her room at the Sandsea and definitely NOT concealed about her person. Not at all. She is a law abiding Seeq, thank you very much. Respectable.


Appearance: Berda has blue skin, with a light tan belly. She is typically pig-like, as most seeq, with yellow eyes that are small and shift constantly from side to side. She has a bright pink topknot of hair which she adorns with beads of varying value - usually that she has scrounged from rubbish and polished to make as sparkly as possible. The beads constantly get into her eyes as she works.

Personality: Like most Seeq, Berda likes shiny things and is not especially bright. She does have a way with figures - and she's good at keeping track of tabs in the bar. She's also fairly kind hearted, especially when it comes to children of any race.


Berda grew up mostly on the streets of Lowtown. Her father was a mercenary/thief and her mother was a ... well, a thief, to be honest. Both her parents spent time in and out of the Rabanastre lock up, as did she until quite recently.

As a teenager she would roam the streets of Rabanastre and Lowtown looking for anything shiny and unattended to filch. Until she turned sixteen, this was relatively harmless. She would return those things she took without much fuss, and the guard learned to tolerate her with a kind of amused contempt.

Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, however, she pickpocketed an important merchant with connections to the nobility and was hauled up before a magistrate who gave her actual jail time.

It really depressed her. There's very little that is shiny in prison.

She was let out pretty quickly, the theft was minor and the merchant left town and was no longer in danger of being offended by her freedom, however in the slow clockwork recesses of her brain something started to tick. She began to ask for work, rather than filch things from stalls (or sometimes as well as, it's difficult to break habits). At first she was laughed off, but eventually little errands started trickling her way and she began earning money that was actually hers.

Finally, when she was eighteen years old, she started doing errands for the owner of the Sandsea, who eventually recognised her facility for figures and willingness to work and gave her a job tending bar.

She doesn't short change the customers much, unless she's had a really really bad day.