The Bangaa are a lizard-like race that can be found in very nearly every settlement throughout Ivalice. They have long faces, scaly skin, and
well-muscled bodies. The Bangaa are a race reknowned for both their physical strength and short tempers. Curiously, there is very little apparent visual difference between the genders to someone outside of the race, and so those who find themselves in the company of Bangaa would be wise to wait for their companion to speak first so that they may determine whether it is male or female, or risk causing offense. To call a Bangaa a lizard is akin to an ethnic slur, and is also frowned upon. Despite their monstrous appearances, Bangaa are very similar in custom and character to humes, and integrate into the societies of others with relative ease. Bangaa are naturally inclined to vocations that best employ their strength and dexterity, though Bangaa magicians are not uncommon.

Height: 1.6 – 1.9m
Weight: 90 – 110kg
Skin Colors: Gray-black, ochre, sand-brown, green, blue, white
Eye Colors: Black, blue, green, red.
Lifespan: 100 – 120 years


Bangaas can live up to twice as long as the average hume, but seldom procreate. They are strong and have fine senses of hearing and smell. They speak in a distinct, guttural voices, as bangaa vocal cords are not as refined as those of the other races and therefore cannot speak quite as well. This makes it difficult for them to use even the most basic magic. However, some bangaas succeed in becoming expert magicians, using magical formulas specific to their reptilian language.

Apart from their physical differences, their intelligence and their manners are not very different from those of the humes. It is often said that they are the race best integrated within the humes. Even so, some humes are ill-disposed to the bangaa and speak about them using the racist insult "lizard", when they are safely far from their sensitive ears. Some hume-distinct nations, Archadia for example, prefer that bangaas not enter their ranks.

Bangaas are separated into four sub-branches: the Bangaa Ruga with yellow-brown skin and shorter ears, the athletic Bangaa Faas with bronze skin, the Bangaa Bista with copper-colored skin, and the Bangaa Sanga with ash-colored skin. There are also additional breed mixes.

In the bangaa language it is said that "Faas" may mean soldier or "a strong sense of justice". Bangaa Ruga are more gentle than most and are more likely to be instructors or monks. The Bangaa Ruga and Faas generally make the laws and keep order among the bangaa. The Bangaa Bista and Bangaa Sanga tend to lead more laid-back lifestyles, making it easier for them to live and interact comfortably with humes.


The Average Bangaa...Edit a Soldier, Thief, Berserker or Monk.